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Product Image ELF-3830B High Quality ELF/VLF EMF meter

ELF-3830B High Quality ELF/VLF EMF meter



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The ELF-3830B is an exceptionally sensitive, high quality ELF (extra low frequency)and VLF (very low frequency) EMF meter. Its extended frequency range includes many items such as PC power supplies, plug-in adaptors and inverters. It can measure both the electric and magnetic components of EMFs with a sensitivity to magnetic fields one hundred times greater than other meters. It is nevertheless simple to operate. It is particularly suited to those (such as the electrically hypersensitive) who wish to reduce their EMF exposure to the lowest possible levels.

Chronic exposure to EMFs (electromagnetic fields) has been linked by some studies to health issues such as childhood leukaemia, cancers, depression, disturbed sleep and electrical hypersensitivity. Extra low frequency (ELF) and very low frequency (VLF) fields are found in many homes and are produced by domestic appliances, internal wiring and external overhead lines*.

Supplied new and boxed. Operating instructions, battery and earthing lead are included.

If you are unfamiliar with EMF meters, you might like to read the guide in our 'Help and Advice' section before reading the following information - or just ask us for advice; we prefer our customers to be happy with their purchase!
NOTE: The meters supplied by EMF UK are manufacturer calibrated and are suitable for general use. Customers who wish to use our meters for certain types of formal testing, for example occupational EMF assessment to meet the needs of the UK HSE or EU EMF Directives, will most likely need to arrange for certification of individual units at an approved calibration facility. This type of certification is a common requirement  for many types of test equipment, not just EMF meters.

  • Frequency Range: 16 Hz - 100 KHz (compensated better than -2dB)
  • Electric field measurement: 1-1999 V/m
  • Magnetic field measurement: 1-1999nT
  • Accuracy: +/- 2%, +/- 20 digits @ 50/60 Hz
  • Sensors: Two - E-Field Sensor and 1D H-Field sensor 
  • Audio: Acoustic signal proportional to the field strength - 'Geiger Counter effect'
  • Battery: Standard 9V Alkaline provides 24-36 hours operation.
  • Weight: 410gms 
  • Warranty: 2 years.
  • Measures both electric and magnetic ELF and VLF fields.
  • Easy to operate. 
  • Reading shows the total pollution without any calculation required.
  • The measured values are reliably displayed directly in the units corresponding to the building biology standard values, namely:
  •    The electric field strength from 1 to 1999 V/m (against ground potential)
  •    The magnetic flux density from 1 to 1999 nT (0.01mG to 20mG).
  • An acoustic signal proportional to the field strength with "Geiger-counter-effect" helps in identifying regions with increased exposure.

Please note:
  • This meter is for Power Frequency (ELF&VLF) EMFs - please see my other items for RF meters suitable for measuring EMFs from mobile phones etc.
  • *The measurement range of this meter may be exceeded (without damage) directly underneath 275kv and 400kv overhead lines.

 Included: ELF-3830B ELF EMF meter, battery, earthing lead and instructions.