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Product Image ED-85EXPlus EMF RF meter

ED-85EXPlus EMF RF meter


ED-85EX+ (1MHz-8GHz) RF Electrosmog Meter - External SMA Connector, Frequency Display, Dual Mode & Data Logging

Use for:

This meter is suitable for the measurement of common RF fields in the home and office, such as those produced by mobile phones, cordless DECT phones, wireless LANs, bluetooth devices, wireless CCTV cameras and microwave ovens. The ED85EXS+ meter has an exceptionally wide frequency range, which includes Tetra and the latest 5GHz wireless-N networks, and additionally has a sound signature function to help identify the specific source of those EMFs.

The ED85EXS+ has a 50 ohm SMA connector to allow connection of an external whip antenna, telescopic antenna, log-periodic antenna or other compatible source of RF. Please note that the free included whip antenna is most suitable for wifi and mobile phones and will be less effective in other areas of this meter's frequency range. If in you are in any doubt about your intended application, please enquire before you purchase. (Alternative antennae are available in our accessories section).

Note: for general home use the ED78S dual mode or ED88TPlus tri-mode meter may be more suitable - please see our 'combined meters'.

Supplied new. Operating instructions are included. Requires one 9 volt alkaline battery (not included).

If you are unfamiliar with EMF meters, you might like to read the guide in our 'Help and Advice' section before reading the following information - or just ask us for advice; we prefer our customers to be happy with their purchase! 



  • Sensor type: Electric field sensor and Magnetic field sensor
  • Frequency range & Sensitivity: RF: 1MHz to 8GHz (SMA connector direct input)
  • (-65dBm to +5dBm),(0.18uw/m2 to 1.8w/m2),
  • (0.008v/m to 26.2v/m), -- (calibrated)
  • -70dBm ( 0.05uw/m2 )(0.004v/m) -- (uncalibrated)
  • *RF frequency range for field strength measurement is dependent on the external antenna used.
  • LF1: 50Hz to 10KHz (0.1uT to 60uT)/(1mG to600mG)
  • LF2: 50Hz to 1KHz (0.01uT to 1uT)/(0.1mG to 10mG)
  • Frequency display: 100MHz–2.7GHz for field strength measurement, (from internal build-in antenna only, not from SMA connector direct input) -35dBm minimum signal level required.
  • Input Impedance: 50 Ohms
  • Connector type: SMA female
  • RF Peak power measurement: 0.05uw/m² to 1.8w/m² (with external antenna for RF field strength )
  • 0.004V/m to 26.2V/m (with external antenna for RF field strength )
  • Display type: digital LCD graphic display
  • Unit of measurements: dBm, mw/m², v/m, uT, mG, MHz
  • LCD back light: 15 seconds auto-off and manual on/off control
  • Display of data: LCD 4 and 5 digit, 8 LED color segment,
  • Moving Histogram (level/time) of previous 30 recorded data,
  • Analog segment bar
  • Data update rate: Sampling rate: 10000/sec. Display update rate: 2/sec.
  • Error rate: RF: +/- 1.5dBm, LF: 20%
  • Functions: Hold, Max, Average, Sound signature, Alarm, Frequency
  • Sound & Alarm: Sound on/off/volume control, programmable Alarm triggering level
  • Safety standard indication: 3 safety range indication by 3 Red LED, adjustable LED level
  • Data Logging: 1000 data storage point memory for logging/recording measured RF signal level
  • Battery used: 9V alkaline battery or external power supply through USB port (5V)
  • Battery life: >20 hours (battery & USB cable is not included in shipment)
  • Internal antenna: internal build-in antenna for Frequency display use only
  • External antenna: External whip antenna is included.
  • Optional Log periodic antenna available (not included)


    • RF field strength/power level measurement
    • Cellular phone base station radiation power
    • Telecommunications(CW,TDMA,GSM,DECT)
    • RF safety measurement, UWB
    • RF Transmitters power output measurement
    • Wireless LAN (Wi-Fi) detection, installations
    • Spy camera, wireless bug finder
    • Cellular/cordless phone radiation safety level
    • Microwave oven leakage detection
    • Personal living environment EMF safety

      This device will be of enormous use to those who work with radio communications, radio control, electronic projects, wireless network installations, cctv and also of course to those with environmental concerns about electropollution, electrosmog and electromagnetic hypersensitivity or electrosensitivity (ES).


      Included: ED-85EXPlus RF EMF meter, instructions and antenna (as illustrated). Battery is NOT included.