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Product Image BAT8 Broadband Antenna

BAT8 Broadband Antenna


BAT8 Antenna

Use for:

These antennas have a broad frequency range, a small amount of gain over a dipole and a directional response. This makes them useful for general emf detection and locating RF sources such as wifi routers, wireless CCTV cameras, DECT phones and mobile phone masts.

Please note that the BAT8 has been designed  as a receiving antenna for the ED85EXS. It may be possible to use it with other meters or spectrum analyzers; if unsure please seek appropriate advice. Use for any other purpose, particularly transmitting, is neither supported nor recommended.

Please contact EMF UK if you require further information about this item.


  • Frequency response:                        400MHz to 6GHz    (see graph)
  • Dimensions  (inc. connector):         140mm x 72mm (approx.)
  • Impedance                                      50 ohms
  • Connector                                       SMA 

Included: Antenna only.