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Product Image MP-1 Near Field Probe

MP-1 Near Field Probe


MP-1 Near Field Probe

Use for:

Near field probes are essentially magnetic field antennas. They are preferred for measurements close to the source, where an electric field antenna may give misleading results. Typically, the probe could be used for checking the door seals on a microwave oven door, localizing the point on a mobile phone where EMFs are strongest or testing the effectiveness of EMF shielding products applied to the phone.

Please note that the MP-1 has been designed  as a receiving antenna (probe) for the ED85EXS. It may be possible to use it with other meters or spectrum analyzers; if unsure please seek appropriate advice. Use for any other purpose, particularly transmitting, is neither supported nor recommended.

Please contact EMF UK if you require more information.

  • Frequency response:                 up  to 2.4GHz (see graph)
  • Dimensions  (inc. connector):     80mm x 15mm
  • Impedance                                  50 ohms
  • Connector                                   SMA male
  • VSWR                                          < 2:1

Included: Probe only