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EMF UK - Electromagnetic Fields UK is dedicated to providing simple and cost effective solutions for reducing any potential risk caused by the presence of electromagnetic fields within the home and workplace. 

AGNIR - Advisory Group on Non-Ionising RadiationThe UK Government's information portal for the health effects of non-ionising EMFs.

International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) - The ICNIRP has guidelines on EMF exposure available for free download. These exposure  limits (1998 and 2010) are regarded by many as being far too high for prolonged chronic exposure.

IARC: International Agency for Research on Cancer (ELF) - Report on possibly carcinogenic effects of low frequency and static fields.

IARC: International Agency for Research on Cancer (RF) -  Report on possibly carcinogenic effects of radio frequency fields.

IEGMP and the Stewart Report (2000) - Particularly noteworthy for its advice concerning children and mobile phones.

Ofcom Sitefinder mobile phone base station database - This "is a voluntary scheme under which mobile network operators make information available on the location and operating characteristics of individual base stations, so that people who wish to inform themselves about this can do so." (Quoted from the site's homepage.)

Emfs.info - An informational site maintained by the National Grid. Useful information on many aspects of EMFs including the different types of powerlines and their related EMFs,

Powerwatch - A leading UK-based organisation which has been studying EMF issues for over 20 years.  Vast amounts of information and  a forum.

Microwave News -  Major USA news resource for all matters EMF, including the links between industry and research.

Between a Rock and a Hard Place   -  Science Blog on Mobile Phone Radiation and Health by Dariusz Leszczynski.

Affiliate Links:

The EMF Safety SuperStore -  This online store sells a range of EMF screening products to reduce both ELF and RF fields in the home. Recommended for their high quality service and speedy delivery. The store also stocks a range of books and meters.

Sensory Perspective Ltd. -  For the excellent MW1 Electrosmog Detector. Also a UK supplier of high quality Gigahertz Solutions products. Supplies a range of screening materials.

Special Interest Links:

WiredChild  -  An excellent and informative site with special reference to those  most at risk from the chronic long term effects of EMFs -  children.

Electrosensitivity UK  -  For all people sensitized by electro-magnetic radiation. A registered charity.

ElectricSense - Much useful information on EMFs, Electrosensitivity, health effects and practical solutions for avoiding or reducing personal exposure.


EU recommendations for public exposure - Based on ICNIRP recommendations (1999).

EU Directive on occupational exposure to EMFs (2013) - Based on ICNIRP recommendations and due to be implemented in the UK in July 2016.

World Health Organisation EMF handbook  - The WHO handbook provides an overview of the risks from EMFs and the precautionary approach to minimizing those risks (2002).

Stakeholder Advisory Group on ELF EMFs first interim report -  The SAGE first interim assessment  of ELF EMFs in the home and its advice to the Government; available for free download.

Stakeholder Advisory Group on ELF EMFs second interim report -  The SAGE second interim assessment  of ELF EMFs in the home and its advice to the Government; available for free download.

The Bioinitiative Report   -  Recommendations for prudent public health policies by an expert working group 
following a review of the known biological effects of  EMFs (2008).

Cornet ED85EXS Sound signature files
 -  MP3 recordings of various RF sources collected from individual contributors to the Internet  (3.6MB Zip file - contents not tested by EMF UK).