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EMF UK - Electromagnetic Fields UK is dedicated to providing simple and cost effective solutions for reducing any potential risk caused by the presence of electromagnetic fields within the home and workplace.


Electromagnetic fields (EMF's) are a way of describing the influence of electric and magnetic forces on the physical universe.  They can be envisaged as waves originating from a source and, unless disturbed, spreading out equally in all directions so that their intensity diminishes rapidly with distance. They can however be disturbed by other fields and by physical objects. They may be absorbed, reflected, refracted, modulated and interfered with to produce areas of high and low intensity. Light can be regarded as an EMF to which human eyesight is fantastically well adapted. Most EMFs however are completely invisible to humans. and this is especially true of manmade EMFs..


Radiation is generally divided into two categories; ionizing and non-ionizing:

Ionizing radiation  has sufficient energy to break molecular bonds. Examples include gamma rays, cosmic rays and X-rays. EMF UK surveys  do not measure ionizing radiation.

Non-ionizing radiation has less energy. An electromagnetic field is a form of non-ionizing radiation. Electromagnetic  fields produced by microwaves, mobile phones and other forms of wireless communication  are termed RF (radio frequency) fields. Electromagnetic fields associated with domestic power delivery and appliances are known as ELF (extremely low frequency) fields. Both ELF and RF fields are found in virtually every home in the UK. These fields are carefully evaluated in  the relevant EMF UK home survey.



They can be. The energy in high power RF fields can be converted to heat in human tissues, causing burns and lasting cell damage (this is why microwave ovens must be specially shielded). Powerful ELF fields can interfere with the human nervous sytem, causing temporary paralysis and pain (an effect used in weapons such as the Taser).  Less powerful fields may interfere with the operation of heart pacemakers or other vital equipment. 

Low power EMFs are not regarded as dangerous in the way that high power EMFs are. However, there is evidence that long term chronic exposure to low power EMFs can cause, or at least contribute to, both a number of medical conditions and to general ill health. Although inconclusive, this evidence has nevertheless prompted a number of  authorities to advocate a precautionary approach to EMF exposure.

The widespread exposure of the general public to EMFs is a relatively recent phenomenon and the long term effects may not yet be fully apparent. Children may be particularly  vulnerable due to a combination of incomplete development and a potentially much longer exposure to EMFs.

This building  has both overhead power lines directly above....

... and mobile phone  antennas mounted on the pylon behind..