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It is estimated that around 100,000 homes in the UK have EMF magnetic field strengths of 0.4 microtesla or more. Of those homes, around half have high levels of EMF due to the presence of overhead power lines similar to those in the photograph below; the remaining homes have high levels of EMF due to faulty or sub-standard wiring or close proximity to electrical equipment. 

Many more homes have areas of magnetic field strength lying between 0.1 and 0.4 microtesla. Only an EMF survey can properly determine if any particular home has high levels of EMF.

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Epidemiological evidence indicates that the risk of childhood leukaemia is doubled for children living in homes with average magnetic field strengths of 0.4 microtesla or more, compared with homes which average less than 0.1 microtesla. EMF UK recommends that a maximum field strength of 0.2 microtesla (2 milligauss) is allowed in the home. 

Other adverse effects that have been linked with EMFs are, principally, (in alphabetical order) adult leukaemia, adult brain cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, breast cancer, other childhood cancers, depression, electrical sensitivity symptoms, certain types of heart disease, miscarriage, and suicide.  (From  a discussion in the SAGE interim report 29/04/2007, available for free download from the  Stakeholder Advisory Group on ELF EMFs.

Other sources of EMF in the home include microwave ovens, mobile and cordless phones, wifi networks and nearby mobile phone masts. For these sources we measure the electrical, rather than the magnetic, field strength.  Specialized equipment is required to detect and locate the source of these EMFs. EMF UK has such equipment and can test for all common forms of  EMF found in the home and small business environments. 

EMF UK is a small, friendly business based in the North West of England, specializing in professional EMF surveys of homes and small businesses.  EMF UK also sell a range of emf meters for personal use in the home or office.

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